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Mel’s Murder Not Connected To Her Work – Police Unravel Mysteries

February 03, 2014

Police officially confirmed that journalist Mel Gunasekera’s murder had nothing to do with her journalistic career.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana addressing a press conference in Mirihana Police today said the police relied on scientific evidence when apprehending the suspect. He also said finger print evidence found inside the house tallied with the fingerprints of the suspect, adding  that CCTV camera footage obtained from a house on the same lane was also useful in the process.

Police said Mel Gunasekera’s parents had identified the suspect as a person who painted their house before last year’s Christmas. The media spokesman also added that communication towers had identified the blackberry phone of the victim which was in the  possession of the suspect.

The suspect, Samson Joseph Anthony (39) had confessed to the police that he entered the house from the rear entrance and assumed no one was in the house as the Gunasekera family would go to church every Sunday, between 6.30 and 8.30 in the morning. Mel Gunasekera had not been able to go to  church on that particular day as she had attended a school event on Saturday night.

The journalist had screamed as she saw the suspect inside the house and he had stabbed her with a knife that was in the kitchen. According to Police, six cutting wounds were found on her body.

The suspect had the washed the knife with which he stabbed Gunasekera and had changed his clothes before leaving her house.