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Ministers Declare War On US Ambassador

February 03, 2014

Sri Lankan government is to express its displeasure to the US government over the conduct of Michele J Sison, US Ambassador in Colombo, highly placed diplomatic sources told ‘Asian Mirror’.


Top echelons of the government are of the view that the US Ambassador has stepped beyond on her diplomatic protocol and intervened in internal affairs of the state.

 It was revealed at the weekly Cabinet meeting last week that the US Ambassador had summoned several state institutions head to the US Embassy in Colombo and queried over fresh developments taking place on the ground without even the knowledge of ministers overlooking them , a senior Cabinet Minister said. 

He added that on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting last week the ministers were discussing that the conduct of the US Ambassador had become a hindrance to the proper functioning of institutions coming under the purview of their ministries. 

 When asked about the specific instances where the US Ambassador had summoned heads of state sector institutions to the US Embassy, the Minister said they would be conveyed to the US government and not to the media.

 ‘Asian Mirror’, two weeks ago reported that the US Ambassador had violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, signed in 1961, by conducting discussions with various parties on internal ethnic and religious matters of the country. 

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