Hakeem's Contact Tracing Leads To Interesting Revelations: Four SLMC MPs Supporting Government Quarantined As "Close Contacts"

Four SLMC MPs who pledged support to the governmet during the vote on the 20th Amendment to the Constitution are among the persons placed under quarantine as close contacts of Rauff Hakeem.

Faisal Qasim, MM Harris, MS Tawfiq and Nasir Ahmed are among the MPs who have been advised by the health authorities to quarantine themselves due to their close association with Rauf Hakeem.

It is reported that all of them have met Hakeem before the latter was tested positive for COVID19.

All four have been expelled from the Samagi Jana Balawegaya parliamentary group and the SJB has urged Hakeem to remove them from the SLMC as well.

However, no action has been taken against them so far and they have only been asked to show cause for supporting the 20th Amendment.

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