Issue Over Scenic Coconut Treehill Mirissa Land An "Artificial Controversy" To Promote Iraj's Music Video?

Suspicions have been raised whether the controversy over a scenic land "Coconut Treehill" in Mirissa has been "triggered" by popular singer Iraj Weeraratne to promote his latest music video.

Several scenes from his music video, released only a few days ago, were shot at the same place and the hahtag "Mirissa" has been used to promote the video on the internet.

Today, a sudden controversy broke out on social media about "partitioning" the same land. Many Sri Lankan social media users blamed the authorities for allowing to partition the scenic land with immense potential to attract tourists.

'This is a private land and these partitioning can be removed at any moment. So, it is fair to suspect that this is an artificial controversy orchestrated to promote Iraj's music video. The controversy and the hashtags associated with it will give more visibility to the music video in question," a source familiar with the matter said.

Asian Mirror also contacted the Weligama Local Government authorities and they confirmed that this was a private land. "No permission will be given to carry out any construction on this land," he added.

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