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Suspect Arrested; Mel’s Murderer Was A Mason - Police

February 02, 2014

Police Sources say the one person who was arrested in Dompe in connection with the murder of senior journalist Mel Gunasekera was a mason who worked at her house.


He had painted her house a few weeks ago and was aware of the fact that her family members go to church every Sunday, Police said. The Police Media Spokesman also said he had broke into Gunasekere's house assuming there's no one in it.

However, the senior journalist had been in the house when he broke in and she had identified the burglar, the spokesman said. Then he had killed her using a knife that was found from the kitchen. The suspect is a 29 year old person named Samson Joseph Anthony who is residing in Dompe. 

The blackberry phone belonging to the journalist was also found in his possession, Police Media Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said.

Two suspects have already have been arrested in Dompe in connection with the murder. The arrests have been made by Mirihana Special Crimes Unit, the Police Spokesman added.

He also said that lacerations were visible on the body  of the victim when it was discovered at Subuthipura, Battaramulla this morning (02).