Athurugiriya Tattoo Parlor Building's Dark Past Unveiled: "Athurugiriye Banda" was Killed in Same Location in 2017

The shocking murder of Surendra Wasantha Perera, known as Club Wasantha, at the opening of a tattoo parlor in Athurugiriya has unveiled a sinister history of the building where the crime occurred. It has now come to light that a similar murder took place in the same building in 2017, highlighting a troubling pattern of violence associated with this location.

In 2017, underworld figure Tranil Bandara, also known as Athurugiriye Banda, was killed in a shooting while getting a facial at a salon that previously occupied the building. The salon was run by a woman who was later arrested for aiding the murder but was released after a few months. Tragically, she was subsequently murdered by an unidentified group, adding another layer of mystery and violence to the building's history.

The murder was believed to be carried out by a gang linked to Samayan, an underworld figure who was killed a few months after this incident. 

The recent murder of Club Wasantha, which occurred during the opening ceremony of a tattoo parlor on the upper floor of the same two-storey building, has drawn eerie parallels to the 2017 incident. Wasantha was killed alongside another individual, identified as Nayana, in an attack that police suspect was orchestrated by the notorious underworld leader Kanjipani Imran, who is currently believed to be in Europe.

The tattoo parlor owner, who has been arrested, confessed during police interrogation to aiding in the murder. He admitted to receiving a contract from Dubai to facilitate the killing and was paid 10 lakh rupees for his involvement. The police also found empty T-56 ammunition casings with the letters "KPI," which they believe stand for Kanjipani Imran, further implicating him in the crime.

Adding to the complexity of the case, Athurugiriye Banda, the victim of the 2017 murder, was a close associate of Athurugiriye Ladiya, who is believed to be linked to Wasantha's recent murder. This connection has intensified the investigation, as authorities work to uncover the full extent of the underworld network involved.

The building's criminal past and the repeated occurrence of violent crimes within its walls have sent shockwaves through the are.