Tattoo Parlor Owner Confesses to Role in Club Wasantha's Murder; Says Contract Received from Dubai

The owner of a tattoo parlor in Athurugiriya has confessed to aiding in the murder of Surendra Wasantha Perera, also known as Club Wasantha, during a police interrogation. The owner revealed that he received a contract from Dubai to facilitate the killing and was paid 10 lakh rupees for his involvement.

The attack, which took place at around 10:00 AM yesterday, occurred during the opening ceremony of the tattoo parlor, where Wasantha was the chief guest. The police report that Wasantha and another individual, identified as Nayana, were killed when they were attacked on the upper floor of a two-storey building in the center of Athurugiriya.

Authorities suspect that the attack was orchestrated by notorious underworld leader Kanjipani Imran, who is believed to have fled to Europe. At the crime scene, police discovered empty T-56 ammunition casings with the English letters "KPI" inscribed on them. Investigators believe that "KPI" stands for Kanjipani Imran, further implicating him in the murder.

The motive behind the killing is linked to a financial dispute involving a large sum of money that Wasantha had received from the late underworld figure Makandure Madush. Kanjipani Imran allegedly demanded that Wasantha transfer the money to Madush's family, but Wasantha refused, leading to the fatal attack.

The confession of the tattoo parlor owner has provided crucial evidence in the ongoing investigation.