Actress Piumi Hansamali Defends Earnings Amidst CID Prob


 On Monday, actress and model Piumi Hansamali appeared before the Illegal Assets Investigation Division of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to provide a statement regarding her financial activities.

The CID had received a complaint alleging that Hansamali amassed millions of rupees through suspicious means. Upon her arrival at the CID unit, Hansamali addressed the media, stating, "I was summoned to provide a statement by the illegal assets investigating division. I am here to provide that statement."

Hansamali explained that her earnings were legitimate, supported by documentation and bank statements for approximately 25,000 orders. "My cream pack alone is Rs. 35,000/-. They can do the math and determine how Piumi Hansamali earned money," she said.

She emphasized her innocence, asserting, "I have not done anything wrong. So, I am here without any fear. People who do wrong things should be afraid. I learned something, and I am doing a small business, selling creams. All my transactions were conducted through banks."

Hansamali also addressed her purchase of a Range Rover, previously owned by Former Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, stating it was bought from a car sale. "Am I not allowed to earn money and purchase houses, and branded products? I can. I have not taken money from the people of this country. I earned money from my business," she said.

The CID investigation continues as Hansamali maintains her stance on the legitimacy of her earnings.