Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka Criticizes Opposition Leader in Parliament: Says Donation Programmes Funded by Casino Owners and Wheeler Dealers

Opposition MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka launched a vehement attack on Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa, accusing him of undermining his position and exploiting parliamentary time.

Fonseka expressed frustration that the Chief Opposition Whip had not allotted him time to speak in Parliament, suggesting that this was due to suspicions regarding his loyalty to Premadasa. "The Chief Opposition Whip did not give me time to make a speech as there were questions about my loyalties," Fonseka stated.

He accused Premadasa of misusing the time allocated to the opposition for personal gains and took a swipe at his conduct. "Sajith Premadasa exploits the time given to the opposition," Fonseka said. He also criticized Premadasa for distributing goods to schools funded by donations from dubious sources. "I would not go on distributing goods to schools using donations received from casino owners and crooked businessmen," he added.

Fonseka's scathing remarks extended to the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) party, describing it as a reflection of the corrupt political culture in Sri Lanka. "The SJB is a reflection of the current rotten political culture in Sri Lanka," Fonseka declared.

Highlighting the absence of effective leadership within the opposition, Fonseka urged the public to elect a more capable leader in the next election. "There is no proper leadership in the opposition. I urge the people to elect a proper leader at the next election," he concluded.