Minister Outlines Reforms to Streamline University Admissions


Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha has announced significant changes to the G.C.E. Ordinary Level (O/L) and Advanced Level (A/L) examinations. Speaking at a ceremony honoring the top achievers of the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination, Minister Premajayantha detailed reforms aimed at minimizing delays in the educational timeline.

Key among these changes is the adjustment of the A/L examination schedule. Beginning this year, A/L studies will commence prior to the release of O/L results, eliminating the traditional 4-5 month gap between the two stages. By 2025, the A/L exams, historically held in November, will be rescheduled to September, thus speeding up the process and reducing the waiting period for university admissions.

The Minister said that these reforms will enable students to complete their schooling by age 18 and transition seamlessly into higher education. He highlighted plans to enhance the infrastructure and resources necessary for effective academic activities within schools and universities.

Minister Premajayantha also underscored the importance of equipping students with knowledge in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and the necessity of developing a legal framework to govern the use of such technologies in education.