Trade Union Actions Intensify Across Multiple Sectors in Colombo


The ongoing trade union actions have seen no signs of abating as locomotive drivers, government surveyors, engineers under the Road Development Authority, and university non-academic staff continue their strikes today.

The strike by locomotive drivers has now entered its fourth day, driven by issues such as salary disputes, stalled promotions, and a lack of new hires. Despite these pressing concerns, the Locomotive Operating Engineers Association, led by Secretary S.R.C.M. Senanayake, reports that authorities have yet to initiate any discussions to address these issues.

In a parallel action, the Government Surveyors Association, under the leadership of President Duminda Udugoda, has announced that its members will withdraw from their duties by reporting sick leave today. This move is expected to disrupt various surveying activities across the country.

The Engineering Association of the Road Development Authority is also maintaining its strike. President Hemachandra Gunasinghe stated that their members will continue to halt construction of roads and bridges in rural areas, intensifying the impact of the strike.

The strike by university non-academic employees has now reached its 39th day. This prolonged action continues to affect the administrative and operational functions of universities, adding to the growing list of unresolved labor disputes in the country.