Suspects Arrested in India Identified as Drug Addicts, Not Extremists 


In a recent press briefing, Defence Ministry Secretary General (Retired) Kamal Gunaratne clarified that the four individuals arrested in India, initially suspected of having links to terrorist groups, are in fact drug addicts.

General Gunaratne said that a thorough investigation is ongoing. "Our intelligence is vigilant regarding this matter," he stated. "There is a comprehensive investigation into the four individuals who went to India, and their associates are also being scrutinized."

Despite the ongoing nature of the investigation, Gunaratne assured the public that there is no evidence to suggest the suspects are religious extremists. "I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation. However, the four arrested individuals are drug addicts and not religious extremists. There is no connection as such," he confirmed.

Gunaratne also reassured the public about national security, vowing that the country remains vigilant to prevent incidents similar to the Easter Sunday attacks. "As the Defence Secretary, I can guarantee the public that we are vigilant about our national security," he stated.