Indian Police Uncover Plot to Murder Salman Khan & Escape to SriLanka

Indian police have foiled a plot against Bollywood actor Salman Khan, orchestrated by the  Lawrence Bishnoi gang. The complex conspiracy, aimed at targeting Khan’s car in Maharashtra's Panvel or his secluded farmhouse, involved a network of operatives and high-powered weapons sourced from Pakistan.

The plot, involving 60 to 70 individuals, included minors as shooters. Weapons like AK-47 and M-16 rifles were allegedly procured from a Pakistani supplier known only as Dogar. Key suspects Dhananjay Tapesingh, Gaurav Bhatia, Vapsi Khan, and Rizwan Khan have been arrested.

Lawrence Bishnoi, already in jail, along with his cousin Anmol Bishnoi and associate Goldie Brar, are believed to have facilitated the acquisition of these weapons. Kashyap, a gang member from Navi Mumbai, coordinated with accomplices in clandestine meetings and reconnaissance missions of Khan’s properties.

The gang planned to flee to Sri Lanka post-assassination, with arrangements for their escape facilitated by Anmol Bishnoi from Canada. Investigations also revealed links with other criminal outfits, including one led by gangster Anand Pal's daughter, Chinu.

Six arrests have been made, though suspect Anuj Thapan died in custody.