Russian Naval Ship ‘Varyag’ Arrives in Colombo for Diplomatic Visit

The Russian Naval Ship ‘Varyag’ made its port of call at the Colombo Port on Friday, marking the commencement of a formal visit. Welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy in adherence to maritime customs, the arrival of the vessel signals a strengthening of bilateral ties between Russia and Sri Lanka.

Measuring 187 meters in length, the ‘Varyag’ is a formidable Missile Cruiser operated by a crew of 529 personnel. Commanded by Captain 1st Rank Velichko Anatoly Vasicievich, and helmed by Captain 2nd Rank Glushakov Roman Nikolaevich, the ship embodies Russia’s naval prowess.

As part of their diplomatic itinerary, the Flag Officer and the Commanding Officer of the ‘Varyag’ are slated to meet with Rear Admiral Saman Perera, the Commander of Western Naval Area.

During their stay, crew members of the cruiser will engage in various programs orchestrated by the Sri Lanka Navy, aimed at fostering camaraderie and cultural exchange. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to explore some of Sri Lanka’s renowned tourist attractions.

The official visit draws to a close as the ‘Varyag’ is scheduled to depart the island nation tomorrow, March 3, 2024, concluding a chapter of maritime diplomacy between Russia and Sri Lanka.