Exam Fraud: Ampara Magistrate Orders Release of Suspects on Bail in Alleged Advanced Level Examination Paper Leak Case

February 02, 2024

In a new  development concerning the alleged leakage of the agriculture question paper for the General Certificate of Advanced Level Examination, Ampara Chief Magistrate Mrs. Naomi Wickramaratne has ordered the release of three individuals from remand custody. The decision, made during a court hearing, grants bail to the head of the examination hall, an agriculture teacher, and an office assistant.

The individuals identified as Dinesha Viranthani, Daminda Lakmal, and Sumudu Chinthaka have been released on bail upon the fulfillment of specific conditions. Chief Magistrate Wickramaratne stipulated that each of the suspects must provide two sureties amounting to five lakh rupees each. Additionally, one of the guarantors must be a close relative, verified through an affidavit.

As part of the bail conditions, the suspects have been prohibited from traveling abroad and are required to surrender their foreign passports to the court. Furthermore, they are mandated to appear before the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on the last Sunday of every month.