Keheliya Arrives at CID: Minister Keheliya Rambukwella Faces Heat at CID Over Immunoglobin Scandal Amid Calls for Arrest

February 02, 2024

Minister Keheliya Rambukwella arrived at the CID to provide a statement regarding the substandard immunoglobin scandal that has rocked the nation. Earlier this week, civil society activists gathered in protest, demanding accountability and calling for the minister's arrest amidst a widening probe into the controversial affair.

Minister Rambukwella's appearance at the CID comes amidst mounting pressure following revelations of corruption and malpractice within the health sector, specifically related to the procurement of substandard immunoglobin. The scandal has cast a shadow over the integrity of Sri Lanka's healthcare system and sparked outrage among citizens.

Several senior officials from the health ministry have already been remanded in connection with the scandal, highlighting the gravity of the allegations and the extent of corruption within the government. Minister Rambukwella, formerly associated with the health ministry, was relieved of his duties in the wake of the scandal but reassigned to another ministry, a move that has drawn criticism from various quarters.