Sri Lanka Tourism Booms: Over 200,000 Tourist Arrivals in January

February 01, 2024


Sri Lanka has kicked off the new year on a high note, recording over 200,000 tourist arrivals in January, according to the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA). Official figures reveal that a total of 201,687 tourists visited the island from January 1st to 30th, marking a promising start for the tourism sector in 2024.

Among the notable trends, Indian nationals constituted the largest group of visitors, with more than 31,000 arrivals, followed closely by Russian nationals, totaling over 28,000. However, the influx of tourists was not limited to these two demographics alone. Germans, Americans, British, Australians, Chinese, French, Polish, and Dutch tourists also contributed to the impressive arrival figures, showcasing the island's diverse appeal to travelers from around the globe.

This surge in tourism comes on the heels of a successful year in 2023, where Sri Lanka welcomed over 1.48 million tourists throughout the year. December stood out as the highlight month, recording the highest monthly figure of 210,352 arrivals, setting a positive trajectory for the tourism industry's growth and recovery efforts.