Outrage as LECO Cuts Electricity Over a Paltry 18-Cent Arrears, Sparks Consumer's Ire Against Electricity Company

A peculiar incident unfolded in Galle as a resident found himself in the dark due to an unexpected turn of events involving his electricity bill. An electricity  shared his disbelief with the media after the Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) disconnected his power supply over a mere 18 cents in arrears.

According to the consumer, his electricity bill amounted to Rs. 6650.18, of which he diligently paid Rs. 6650, inadvertently neglecting the remaining 18 cents. To his astonishment, a few days following his payment, LECO officials arrived at his residence and disconnected the electricity supply, leaving him puzzled and inconvenienced.

Seeking clarification, the consumer reached out to LECO, only to be informed that the disconnection was a result of an error on their part. The company admitted to mistakenly interpreting the remaining 18 cents as unpaid arrears, leading to the abrupt disconnection of service to his household.

Upon realizing the blunder, LECO promptly took corrective measures to rectify the situation. The electricity supply to the consumer's residence was promptly restored, alleviating the inconvenience caused by the erroneous disconnection.

Speaking to the media, the consumer expressed his frustration over the incident, emphasizing the disproportionate response to such a negligible amount. He highlighted the inconvenience faced by his family due to the sudden disruption in power supply, urging utility companies to exercise greater diligence in their operations to avoid similar occurrences in the future.