"How Many People Will Starve And Go To Bed?": Struggling Public Enraged Over Massive Spike In Domestic Gas Prices

The two major domestic gas producers in Sri Lanka, Litro and Laugfs, increased the price of domestic gas in a massive way last night (10). Accordingly, the price of a 12.5 kg of Litro gas was increased by Rs 1,257 to Rs 2,750, the price of a 5 kg cylinder of Litro gas was increased by Rs 503 to Rs 1,101 and a 2.5 kg cylinder of Litro was increased by Rs 231 to Rs. 520. This is an 87 % increase in prices overnight, leaving many people angry and frustrated. "How can people survive ? Only the prices are increasing, our income is the same," posted a user on social media. Meanwhile, Laugfs also increased prices, and a 12.5 kg cylinder of gas was increased by Rs 984 to Rs 2,840 and a 5 kg cylinder was increased by Rs 393 to Rs 1,136, effective today (11). Consumers were seen bitterly commenting social media that this would result in the cost of living soaring even further. "How many people will starve and go to bed? Now cooking for yourself will be expensive. Even restaurants will increase prices. Poor will always suffer,' a user posted. There has been no comment yet from the government that said earlier they will not allow an unfair increase in any prices.
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