ICC Faces Criticism Over Travel Disruptions for Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Ireland Teams


The International Cricket Council (ICC) is under scrutiny after travel issues severely disrupted the schedules of the Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Ireland cricket teams. Following a match in Florida, these teams encountered significant delays on their charter flight to New York, with Sri Lanka and Ireland stranded for nearly seven hours.

Initially set to arrive by 8 PM on Friday, the teams did not reach New York until 5 AM the next morning, leading to the cancellation of Sri Lanka’s planned batting practice session. Compounding their difficulties, the Sri Lankan team was assigned a hotel 1.5 hours away from their practice ground, adding to their fatigue and affecting their preparation.

Teams like India have enjoyed more favorable conditions, with accommodations near the stadium and minimal travel between venues. This disparity has prompted Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Ireland to lodge complaints with the ICC, highlighting the inconsistent logistical arrangements and their impact on performance and recovery.

With Sri Lanka set to travel to Dallas immediately after their match against South Africa in New York, the continuous travel without rest periods further strains their schedule. These issues bring to light concerns about the fairness and efficiency of the tournament's organization, urging a reassessment of logistical planning to ensure equitable conditions for all teams.