Tea Growers to Benefit from Low-Priced Fertilizers Provided by State-Owned Companies: Plantation Minister

In a bid to support tea growers amidst rising fertilizer costs, Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera, announced that government-owned fertilizer companies will offer high-quality tea fertilizer at discounted rates compared to market prices.

Addressing a press briefing at the Presidential Media Centre on Friday (March 01), Minister Amaraweera highlighted the importance of providing affordable fertilizers to tea cultivators, particularly amidst increasing prices of fertilizers commonly used in tea cultivation.

He emphasized the government's commitment to enhancing agricultural practices through the integration of modern technology. Innovative techniques such as the "parachute" method for planting seedlings and the use of advanced ploughing equipment are being encouraged to improve efficiency and yield.

The minister also noted the significance of diversifying crops due to water scarcity, with support being extended to farmers involved in cultivating additional crops such as maize and green gram.
Furthermore, Minister Amaraweera underscored the success of ongoing agricultural initiatives, including 59 projects under the high-density cultivation system, which have demonstrated notable success in increasing tea yields.

Minister Amaraweera announced the commencement of the "Agri Tech-24 Agricultural Technology Vision" exhibition, coinciding with the 37th Asia-Pacific Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), at the Agricultural Technology Park in Bataatha, Hambantota. The exhibition, scheduled from March 02 to March 05, aims to showcase innovative agricultural technologies and practices to further enhance productivity and sustainability in the sector.