SJB MP Dr. Harsha de Silva Disputes Reports of Inactive Suwaseriya Ambulances Due to Staff Migration

February 06, 2024

SJB Member of Parliament, Dr. Harsha de Silva, has refuted recent media reports claiming that 60% of Suwaseriya ambulances are inactive due to staff migration. These reports suggested that a significant number of nurses and ambulance drivers have left the country, leading to a shortage of personnel and a decrease in operational capacity.

In response to these claims, Dr. Harsha de Silva provided clarification, stating, "True 1990 SuwaSeriya is losing staff to migration. But we are actively recruiting (roughly 20% success rate; tough criteria and low salary)." He further explained that while there are indeed challenges related to staff migration, efforts are underway to address the issue through active recruitment, albeit with a success rate of approximately 20% due to stringent criteria and low salaries.

Dr. de Silva also provided specific figures to debunk the notion that 60% of Suwaseriya ambulances are inactive. He clarified that out of 297 locations across Sri Lanka, 41 are currently offline, indicating that approximately 14% of locations are affected. In Colombo, 4 out of 20 locations are idle, translating to 20% rather than the reported 60%.

Furthermore, Dr. de Silva emphasized the dedication and commitment of Suwaseriya staff, noting that some are volunteering to shift around while others have relocated. He reassured the public that none of the critical locations are offline and expressed confidence that the Chairman, CEO, and board of Suwaseriya will ensure the continued operation of the service.