Daya Gamage Distances Himself From Opposition's Presidential Campaign

December 14, 2014

 Asian Mirror can now reveal that UNP National Organizer Daya Damage has distanced himself from the national campaign of the common opposition.

He has confined himself to the meetings and propaganda activities in the district of Amrapa – his electorate.

The exact reasons for Gamage’s move are still not clear. However, sources close to him said he was disappointed with certain developments of the presidential campaign of the common opposition.

This has come in a context where his name too has been mentioned in connection with a possible crossover.

However, sources close to Gamage further added that he was not contemplating a crossover. “He will stay with the United National Party but will distance himself from its presidential campaign unless his grievances are addressed,” they said.

Gamage was one of the key negotiators with the Jathika Hela Urumaya on behalf of the United National Party, before forming a common opposition alliance. A prominent businessman, Gamage is known to be a politician who has a strong support from the Sinhala-Buddhist voters of the country.

The UNP National Organizer was not available to comment this morning as his mobile phone was switched off.