Maithri To "Restructure" Lankan Foreign Service

December 13, 2014

Common candidate Maithripala Sirisena yesterday promised to bring back the country's Foreign Ministry to its former glory.

The Common Candidate added that the foreign service is being 'ruined' by whom he termed as some lackeys of the of the first family who have been appointed to key diplomatic missions overseas. "This has brought disrepute to the country," Sirisena added, addressing an election meeting in Puttalam yesterday.

He also added that the country was beleaguered in the international domain due to discrepancies on the country's foreign service. He cited this as the main reason for Sri Lanka's recent defeat at the United Nations Human Rights Council session in Geneva. He said who are capable of handing responsibilities pertaining to international relations should be appointed to the foreign service.

“Sri Lanka has been cornered and sidelined by the international community, the disrespect shown to ambassadors during international functions reflects as a good example to show the corrupt governance of the country”, Sirisena added indicating that he would re-structure the country's foreign service after his ascension to power.

Meanwhile, the common candidate also said that he would restore discipline and ethics in the state sector and he will make sure the development of the country stays undisturbed without political influence.