"Ministers Are Behind Strikes And Trade Union Actions Against The Govt:" Champika Reveals

December 06, 2014

Former Technology and Research Minister and JHU Parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka made an important revelation a short while ago saying the ministers of the UPFA Government are leading trade union action and strikes against the government.

He said the Minister have embarked on that process as they are deprived of necessary funds to carry out day to day activities of the ministries.

“Funds are not given to the Ministries within the first three months of the year. Funds are not given within the last three months of the year. Therefore, over a period of six months, the ministries of this government are not getting funds. The majority of ministers, except a selected few, are dissatisfied with the present government and they are the ones who launch trade union actions,” Ranawaka said during the political talk show ‘Satana’ on Sirasa TV a short while ago.

This was the first time that a member of the country’s legislature revealed that the trade union actions were carried out with the knowledge of the Ministers  of the government.

“The biggest conspiracy against the present government comes from the within and that is nothing but the manner in which the present government runs the country,” Ranawaka also added.


“The government has no right to talk about foreign conspiracies as it has completely ruined the foreign service and the External Affairs Ministry. Who is running the External Affairs Ministry today? He is a person who only knows how to clinch deals,” the former Minister added.