BASL Threatens To Sue Colombo Mayor Over Illegal Posters And Cutouts

December 05, 2014

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) said that they will file a case against the Colombo Municipal Council Mayor A. J. M. Musammil,if he fails to take down the election posters and cutouts by next Monday (8).

The Bar Association on Wednesday (3) sent a letter of demand against the Colombo Municipal Council Mayor demanding him to take immediate steps to remove the large number of ‘illegal’ propaganda hoardings of President Mahinda Rajapakse within the municipality of Colombo.

The BASL reiterated that in the event of failure to comply with this demand it would institute legal proceedings against the Mayor for contempt of court and for noncompliance of law and acts of corruption upon his noncompliance with this demand with immediate effect.

On this letter the BASL stated that around 1800 large cutouts of President Mahinda Rajapaksa were displayed within the city limits of Colombo. It added that these cut-outs are a clear violation of the cities law and a threat to the visual beauty of the city.