Ranjan Acquitted in Kandy Fraud Case, Accuses Politician of Scheming


Former Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake was acquitted of all charges on Wednesday by the Kandy Chief Magistrate in a high-profile fraud case. The actor-turned-politician was accused of defrauding Rs. one million from a school teacher under the pretense of marriage.

The case, filed by the Special Crimes Investigation Division of the Kandy Police, stemmed from a complaint lodged by the teacher. Ramanayake, maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings.

Speaking to the media after the acquittal, Ramanayake asserted his commitment to truth and justice, claiming that the case was politically motivated. "I always have and will continue to speak the truth. This was actually a political case. These are merely attempts to paint me as a cheat," he said.

Ramanayake further alleged that the scheme was orchestrated by a Cabinet Minister who is now imprisoned. "The Cabinet Minister who funded this case against me is in prison today. The lawyer representing the plaintiff is also in prison. Their attempt was to paint me as a fraud," he added.