Government Plans to Expand Tourism Zones and Combat Corruption



State Minister of Tourism, Diana Gamage, has unveiled plans to establish 49 additional tourist destinations as official tourism zones in an effort to bolster the country's tourism industry. These locations will be officially designated in a gazette within a month. The announcement came during a press conference at the Presidential Media Centre, where Minister Gamage outlined measures to enhance tourism, including the formation of a committee to address fraud and corruption within the sector.

The State Minister highlighted various issues plaguing the tourism industry, including tourist harassment, overcharging, and instances of corruption. She emphasized the importance of combating these activities to safeguard the country's reputation and revenue. Measures such as enhancing online ticket purchasing systems and cracking down on illegal alcohol sales were also discussed.

Additionally, Minister Gamage addressed concerns regarding the operation of SPAs in Sri Lanka, emphasizing the need for robust monitoring mechanisms to ensure the health and safety of citizens. Discussions with the Ministry of Health are underway to streamline SPA operations.

The government's initiatives aim to attract more tourists while addressing systemic challenges within the tourism sector, ultimately promoting sustainable growth and development.