AstraZeneca Acknowledges Rare Side Effect of Covid Vaccine, Faces Legal Action 


 AstraZeneca has conceded in court documents the existence of a rare side effect associated with its Covid vaccine. The admission marks a notable shift in stance for the pharmaceutical giant and could lead to substantial legal repercussions, including potential multi-million pound payouts.

A class action lawsuit has been initiated against AstraZeneca, alleging that its vaccine, developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford, resulted in fatalities and severe injuries in numerous cases. Legal representatives argue that the vaccine triggered a devastating side effect affecting a small number of families.

Among the plaintiffs is Jamie Scott, a father of two, who sustained a permanent brain injury after experiencing a blood clot and brain hemorrhage following his inoculation in April 2021. AstraZeneca, while contesting the allegations, has acknowledged in court filings submitted to the High Court in February, that the Covid vaccine "can, in very rare cases, cause TTS" – referring to Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome, a condition characterized by blood clots and low blood platelet levels.

As the legal battle unfolds, fifty-one cases have been brought before the High Court, with affected individuals and bereaved families pursuing damages amounting to an estimated £100 million. The outcome of these proceedings will likely have far-reaching implications for AstraZeneca and the wider landscape of Covid vaccine litigation.