Three Dead, Four Hospitalised After Consuming Illicit Liquor in Kalutara

The  Pahala Karannagoda area of Warakagoda in Kalutara as three individuals lost their lives due to a sudden illness after consuming illicit liquor.
The victims, aged between 43 and 68 and residents of Karannagoda, reportedly indulged in the lethal brew on Saturday night. One victim passed away at home the following morning, another died en route to the hospital, and the third succumbed to the illness during treatment at Horana Hospital.

All displayed symptoms such as loss of vision and severe vomiting. Currently, four others from the same area are undergoing treatment for similar symptoms at various hospitals.
Warakagoda Police have initiated an investigation into the incident and have arrested a suspect believed to be involved in selling illicit liquor in the vicinity.
However, the link between the suspect and the deaths remains unconfirmed, pending further investigation. The suspect is scheduled to appear before court today.