COPE Controversy: "If I am Found Guilty of Allegations over Sexual Bribes, I Will Resign from Parliament": COPE Chairman Ranjith Bandara

November 20, 2023

In a heated session in the Parliament today (20), COPE (Committee on Public Enterprises) Committee Chairman, Ranjith Bandara, vehemently denied the accusations of sexual bribery leveled against him by the opposition.

Bandara, an MP representing the SLPP, addressed the chamber, asserting that the allegations were not only false but also a violation of his privileges as an elected representative.

Bandara pointed out the timing of the accusation, emphasizing that it was made when he was not present in the Parliament. He argued that such a move seriously infringed upon his rights as an MP. To address the issue formally, Bandara revealed that he had submitted a written notice to the Speaker, urging an investigation into the matter by the Privileges Committee.

During his statement in Parliament, Ranjith Bandara called for a thorough examination of the accusations, asserting his innocence. He stated, "If I am found guilty of the charge, I will resign as a Member of Parliament, and conversely, if the member who made the charge is found guilty, he should be punished for violating my privileges."

The SJB has levelled a severe allegation against Bandara over "sexual bribery'' and this has sent shockwaves across the political circles.