"We Stand With You Today and Always'': Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Message to Indian Cricket Team After World Cup Defeat

November 20, 2023

In the wake of India's defeat to Australia in the highly anticipated World Cup final last night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended a heartfelt message to the Indian Cricket Team, praising their talent, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

In a statement released earlier today, Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the team's exceptional efforts and the pride they brought to the nation with their spirited play. Despite falling short in the final against Australia, Modi expressed solidarity with the team and assured them of the nation's unwavering support.

"Dear Team India,

Your talent and determination through the World Cup was noteworthy. You've played with great spirit and brought immense pride to the nation. We stand with you today and always," the Prime Minister's message read.

The World Cup final, held at the Ahamedabad stadium, drew over 130,000 Indian fans who had gathered with high hopes of witnessing a historic victory. However, their expectations were dashed as Australia secured a comfortable win by six wickets.

The disappointment among the fans was palpable, but Prime Minister Modi's message aimed to uplift the spirits of the players and convey the nation's appreciation for their hard work and dedication throughout the tournament.