Stringent Legislation to Hold MPs Accountable for Misconduct and Uphold Parliamentary Integrity: Justice Minister Reveals

November 20, 2023

Justice Minister and President's Counsel Wijayadasa Rajapaksa has announced plans to introduce a new bill in Parliament aimed at enforcing stricter measures concerning the discipline of Members of Parliament (MPs). The proposed legislation includes provisions to address instances where an MP fails to uphold the dignity of their position, ultimately leading to the revocation of their membership.

Minister Rajapaksa made this announcement while addressing the media in the Kandy area, emphasizing the need to address public concerns about the conduct and behavior of parliamentarians. He acknowledged the validity of criticisms directed at MPs and underscored the importance of holding elected representatives accountable for their actions.

"The people of the country have a lot of criticism about the conduct and behavior of the members of the parliament. It is a fair criticism. We have taken various measures because the members of the parliament have not fulfilled that responsibility in the past time," stated Minister Rajapaksa.

The proposed bill on parliamentary standards aims to establish an independently appointed committee responsible for evaluating and penalizing MPs who engage in behavior detrimental to the honor of their position or involve themselves in illegal activities. The provision to revoke the membership of an MP serves as a deterrent against misconduct and reinforces the accountability of elected representatives.