President Wickremesinghe Applauds Indian PM Modi's Leadership and Advocates Global Collaboration at Global South Summit

November 19, 2023

In a  virtual address during the Leaders' Session of the Second Voice of Global South Summit, President Ranil Wickremesinghe conveyed his deep appreciation to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for extending the invitation, recognizing India’s instrumental role in orchestrating the event. Reflecting on the historical importance of the inaugural Summit, President Wickremesinghe lauded India’s leadership, emphasizing its positive impact in bringing international attention to the critical priorities of the developing world.

Drawing attention to the successful outcomes achieved during the G20 Summit under India’s presidency, President Wickremesinghe underlined the importance of global collaboration in addressing the intricate issue of indebtedness. He called for a united effort between creditors and international financial institutions to explore sustainable solutions that benefit the developing nations.

Looking forward, President Wickremesinghe underscored the vital role of attracting foreign investments as a catalyst for economic growth and development.