Crucial Talks Unfold on Electricity Sector Reforms: New Bill Nearing Cabinet Approval

November 17, 2023

officials from the Electricity Sector Reform Secretariat and the Electricity Sector Reform Committee convened yesterday to assess the ongoing progress of crucial tasks related to the comprehensive reforms in the electricity sector.

Discussions encompassed various key elements, including the status of the task implementation, the draft final bill submission to the cabinet, technical requisites, stakeholder engagement sessions, and the collaborative support extended by development agencies.

Of particular note, the proposed new electricity bill is now poised for consideration on the upcoming agenda for approval by cabinet ministers. The new bill represents a pivotal aspect of the broader reform initiative, aiming to bring about substantial changes and improvements in the electricity sector.

A focal point of the deliberations was the exploration of a new framework for integrating renewable energy (RE) and expediting investments in the sector. The emphasis on fast-tracking investments aligns with the broader goal of modernizing and enhancing the efficiency of Sri Lanka's electricity infrastructure.

As the discussions progress and the new electricity bill nears a crucial stage in the approval process, stakeholders are closely watching the outcomes, anticipating positive strides in the reform agenda.