Mahela Jayawardena Expresses Regret Over Publicizing Coaches' Salaries, Asks Sri Lanka to Hire Other Coaches if Deemed Necessary

November 12, 2023

Former Sri Lankan cricket captain and current consultant coach of the national team, Mahela Jayawardena, voiced regret and sadness over the public perception created by the disclosure of coaches' salaries during the World Cup cricket tournament. Speaking at a special press conference held at the Sri Lanka Cricket Institute to address concerns and clarify facts about the World Cup, Jayawardena extended an invitation for those expressing views under parliamentary privilege to discuss their concerns directly with the Ministry of Sports.

Jayawardena emphasized that the salaries of the coaching staff were commensurate with their professional qualifications, experience, and abilities. He acknowledged the need for transparency but regretted that the public might have received a misinterpretation of the information.

In response to the controversy surrounding the salaries, Jayawardena defended the remuneration, stating that comparing salaries with international cricket coaches is reasonable, considering the qualifications and expertise involved. He stressed the importance of understanding the global context in which such professionals operate.

Addressing the issue of his own role as a consultant coach, Jayawardena asserted that Sri Lanka would have no difficulty securing the services of other coaches if deemed necessary. This statement comes amid discussions about the team's performance in the World Cup and concerns raised in parliamentary sessions.

The special press conference aimed to provide clarity on the matters surrounding the World Cup and the role of coaching staff. Jayawardena expressed openness to dialogue and discussion while underlining the importance of addressing concerns through appropriate channels.