Sri Lanka Cricket Chief Selector Pramodya Wickramasinghe Hints at World Cup Conspiracy; Promises Revelations

November 10, 2023

Sri Lanka Cricket Chief Selector Pramodya Wickramasinghe has hinted at a possible conspiracy aimed at destabilizing the Sri Lankan cricket team during the recently concluded World Cup. Speaking upon the team's return to the country, Wickramasinghe expressed his belief that there was a covert plan orchestrated to undermine the team's performance, leading to their early exit from the prestigious tournament.

"I will reveal all in two days," said Wickramasinghe, suggesting that he holds information crucial to understanding the challenges and setbacks faced by the national cricket team during the World Cup. Despite acknowledging the poor performance of the players, Wickramasinghe asserted that an undisclosed group was secretly working to subvert the team's efforts.

"We couldn't execute them. Yes, the players performed poorly. But there was another group working secretly to undermine the team," Wickramasinghe stated, leaving the cricketing fraternity and fans in suspense about the details of this alleged conspiracy. The Chief Selector urged for patience, stating that he needs some time to disclose the intricacies of the situation.

These claims add a layer of intrigue and speculation surrounding Sri Lanka's World Cup campaign, raising questions about the internal dynamics and potential external influences affecting the team's performance.