[VIDEO] Al Jazeera Journalist Hit by Water Cannon as Police Disperse Student Protest in Sri Lanka

In a disturbing incident during a student protest demanding solutions to their problems, Al Jazeera journalist Minelle Fernandez was hit by a water cannon deployed by the police.

The incident occurred yesterday near the Jayawardena Pura University, as authorities resorted to the use of water cannons and tear gas to disperse the gathering.

The student protest, which had gained momentum in recent days, aimed to voice concerns over the continued harassment to activists and the government’s inability to resolve problems concerning the university students.

The students,led by the Inter-university Students Federation, had gathered to demand the release of these individuals and to express their dissatisfaction with what they perceive as a curtailment of democratic rights.

As tensions escalated during the demonstration, the police force was deployed to maintain order. However, the situation took a distressing turn when a water cannon, wielded by the police, struck journalist Minelle Fernandez, who was reporting on the scene for Al Jazeera.