Court Orders Ban on National People's Power Protest March Against LG Election Postponement

A court order has been issued to prohibit the planned protest march organized by the National People's Power (NPP) against the postponement of local government elections. The Colombo Chief Magistrate's Court, acting upon a request made by the Welikada Police, issued the prohibition order against 26 individuals, including Mr. Anura Kumara Dissanayake, yesterday (07).

The court order, aimed at maintaining public order and security, restricts the protestors from accessing the Election Secretariat office via Sri Jayawardenepura Road, Kota Road, and Sarana Road. The decision to impose the ban came as a result of concerns raised by the authorities regarding the potential disruption and unrest that could arise from the protest march.

The NPP had planned the protest to express their discontent over the recent postponement of local government elections. However, with the court order in effect, the planned demonstration has been halted, and organizers and participants are legally bound to comply with the prohibition.