Comedian Nathasha Edirisuriya and Journalist Bruno Divakara Further Remanded Citing "Public Disturbances"

Colombo Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage has issued an order to remand Jayani Natasha Edirisuriya and Bruno Divakara, the alleged accomplice, until the 21st of this month.

The decision comes in light of concerns raised by the magistrate over potential public disturbances if the suspects were granted bail before the completion of investigations.

The court received information from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) regarding the second suspect's involvement in disseminating the statements made by Natasha Edirisuriya on the program called "Modabhimana."

The CID stated that the program, known for its offensive and disrespectful content towards Buddhist philosophy, had caused harm and insult.

The magistrate deemed it necessary to keep the suspects in custody to ensure the smooth progress of the ongoing investigations and to maintain public order. Concerns regarding potential public disturbances if the suspects were to be released on bail were cited as the primary reason for this decision.