Parents Express Concerns Over Sudden Fee Hike at The British School in Colombo

The British School in Colombo is facing allegations of attempting to exploit parents through significant fee increases. Parents are expressing their frustration as fees were raised by 23% this year, and now the school is proposing an additional hike of 18.5%. This has sparked concerns over the financial burden imposed on families, especially considering that 95% of the school's students are local and have limited alternatives for their children's education.

The exorbitant fee hike amounts to approximately 17.5% of the previous fees, translating to an annual increase ranging from 350,000 to 600,000 Sri Lankan Rupees per child.

Parents, who feel they have no choice but to keep their children enrolled at The British School due to a lack of available alternatives, are expressing their distress and discontent. They argue that such drastic increases in fees are not justified and accuse the school of exploiting their limited options.

In response to the parents' outcry, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Education has stated that it lacks jurisdiction over fee structures at private educational institutions. Similarly, the Board of Investment (BOI) has clarified that it does not possess the authority to regulate fee increases in schools.

This situation has left parents feeling frustrated and helpless, as they are unsure where to turn for assistance or recourse. The absence of regulatory oversight has compounded their concerns, leaving them questioning the lack of accountability and transparency in the private education sector.