Fuel Shortages Cause Severe Inconvenience to Public In Gampaha: Stations Blamed for Not Placing Orders

Commuters and motorists in Gampaha were left frustrated and stranded today as several filling stations experienced a shortage of fuel. Long queues formed outside the few stations that still had fuel available, while many others were completely devoid of fuel.

Investigations into the matter revealed that the fuel shortage was a result of filling stations failing to order an adequate supply of fuel. This shortfall occurred due to the anticipation of a decrease in fuel prices, prompting many stations to hold off on ordering additional supplies.

The impact of this oversight was evident in Gampaha, particularly in the Kalagedihena area, where notices were displayed at all fuel stations announcing their depleted fuel stocks. The scarcity led to severe inconveniences for commuters and businesses alike, who were left scrambling to find alternative means of transportation.