Chief Incumbent of Mihintale Denounces Government's Claim of Funding for Mihintale Poson Festival

The Mihintale Raja Maha Viharaya Chief Incumbent Walawahangunawave Dhammarathana Thera categorically refuted the statement made by the President's media wing regarding government funding for this year's Poson festival.

The monk expressed his concern, stating that the claim of the government providing 288 lakh rupees for the festival was a complete falsehood.

Addressing the gathered journalists, Na Thero emphasized that the Mihintale temple had not received the reported sum of 288 lakh rupees, which, according to the Chief Incumbent, should have been allocated to the water supply board or the security forces. Expressing his astonishment, he implored the Presidential Media Division to refrain from disseminating such erroneous information to the public.

The Chief Incumbent took the opportunity to highlight that he personally contributed an amount of thirty-one lakh rupees to the Governor of Anuradhapura. He further informed the attendees that representatives were still canvassing various regions, including Galle, Matara, and Hambantota, to collect donations from philanthropists to ensure the success of the Mihintale Poson festival.

In addition to the financial aspect, Walawahangunawave Dhammarathana Thera emphasized the need to illuminate the expansive 100-acre Mihintala shrine with electricity. He acknowledged the overwhelming support received from people across the island in this endeavor.