Popular Comedians Lakai Sikai Say Their Lives Have Come Under Threat

Renowned comedians Lakai Sikai have recently come forward to reveal that they have received death threats following their participation in the highly popular Modabimanaya comedy show. The comedians expressed their distress over the hate campaign that has been targeting them, emphasizing that they had no involvement in the controversial content of the show.

Lakai Sikai, known for their unique brand of humor and wit, made the shocking revelation through a video released on social media. The duo expressed their deep concern about the situation and the impact it has had on their personal lives and mental well-being. They shared their anguish over the widespread sharing of their photographs taken at the event, which further exacerbated their distress.

The comedians appealed to their fans and the general public to refrain from perpetuating the hate campaign and to respect their personal lives. They urged individuals to understand that their participation in the show was solely for entertainment purposes and not an endorsement of any controversial content. Additionally, they expressed their hope that the relevant authorities would take appropriate action to ensure their safety and bring the culprits to justice.