Tensions Escalate Between Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission Chairperson and Members

The ongoing crisis between the Chairperson and members of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission has deepened, as reported by sources close to the matter.

In recent times, tensions have arisen due to decisions made by the Chairperson without consulting the other members of the Commission, leading to internal conflicts.

According to the members of the Human Rights Commission, attempts have been made to address the issue by informing the Chairperson on multiple occasions. However, their concerns were allegedly disregarded, exacerbating the already strained relationship.

While the Chairperson has issued press releases claiming to have communicated with the members on various occasions, the other members have stated that no such communication was received.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the members of the Human Rights Commission have taken steps to inform relevant parties, including the President, Speaker, and other relevant stakeholders, about the current crisis situation.