Sri Lankan Stand-up Comedian Nathasha Edirisuriya Arrested At Airport Over Her Recent Performance

Jayani Natasha Edirisuriya, a Sri Lankan stand-up comedian, has been apprehended by the Secret Police upon her arrival at Katunayake Airport. The arrest followed multiple complaints about comments she made that allegedly insulted the Buddhist religion during her comedy program titled "Modabhimana."

The controversy ignited when a video clip of Edirisuriya's comedy performance went viral on various social media platforms last week, sparking a significant backlash from the public.

According to the Police Media Division, a team of officers from the Colombo Computer Crime Investigation Division took action to arrest the 31-year-old comedian. At approximately 01:20 AM this morning, Edirisuriya was apprehended at the immigration premises of the departure terminal at Katunayake Airport. Her residence is stated as being in the Galkissa area.

The arrested individual has been transported to the Computer Crime Investigation Division in Narahenpita, Colombo, where further investigations are currently underway.

The Secret Police made the arrest in response to the complaints received regarding Edirisuriya's alleged derogatory remarks about Buddhism. The comments made during her comedy program provoked widespread condemnation and raised concerns about religious sensitivity.

Law enforcement authorities are now focused on thoroughly examining the matter and gathering evidence pertaining to the alleged insults made by the comedian. The investigation aims to determine the extent of her statements' impact and legality under existing laws and regulations.