"Ban Importation of Super Luxury Vehicles for 05 Years": Former President Sirisena Urges Government

In a compelling plea to the government, former President Maithripala Sirisena called for a complete halt on the import of luxury vehicles for a period of five years. Sirisena delivered a special statement during a parliamentary session today, emphasizing the need to prioritize the nation's economic well-being.

The former president's impassioned address took place within the context of an ongoing debate on various tax regulation bills under the Ministry of Finance. While participating in the parliamentary discussion, Sirisena seized the opportunity to voice his concerns regarding motor vehicle taxation, specifically advocating for an increase in taxes imposed on luxury vehicles.

"Our focus should be on augmenting the taxation of luxury vehicles," Sirisena asserted during his speech. "I propose that the government seriously consider a complete suspension of luxury vehicle imports for a period of four to five years. Our country does not necessitate such opulent automobiles. Considering the current state of our economy, we possess an ample number of vehicles. Let us steer the nation without luxury vehicles for at least five years, as their importation incurs a substantial outflow of foreign exchange. In fact, these luxury cars are the primary contributors to the decline of our foreign assets."