Firearm Permits for Crop Protection to be Issued, Announces State Minister of Defence

State Minister of Defence, Premitha Bandara Tennakoon, revealed that amendments have been made to existing laws to facilitate the use of firearms for crop protection purposes. As part of these changes, the government has decided to revise the minimum agricultural land requirement for obtaining firearm permits to five (05) acres.

Minister Tennakoon emphasized the urgent need for this amendment, citing the significant losses incurred by farmers each year due to wildlife-related crop destruction. By allowing firearms for crop protection, the government aims to address this pressing issue and provide farmers with a means to safeguard their agricultural produce.

Highlighting the government's commitment to strengthening the agricultural sector and ensuring food security, Minister Tennakoon mentioned that various programs are being implemented to promote agriculture in the country. The ultimate goal is to empower farmers to meet domestic consumption demands and contribute to the overall development of agriculture.

Minister Tennakoon advised interested individuals to seek further information on the use of firearms for crop protection activities from their respective District Secretariats. These authorities will provide comprehensive details and guidelines pertaining to the issuance and responsible use of firearm permits.

The decision to issue firearm permits for crop protection aligns with the government's ongoing efforts to support farmers and mitigate the challenges they face in the agricultural sector. By enabling farmers to protect their crops effectively, the government aims to enhance agricultural productivity, reduce losses, and contribute to the overall growth of the country's agricultural economy.