Disruption Erupts at Mullivaikkal Commemoration in Borella: Riot Police Called In

Tensions flared at the Mullivaikkal commemoration event organized in Borella, Colombo, as a group attempted to agitate and disrupt the solemn occasion.

The commemoration, held to remember those who lost their lives during the final stages of the civil war in Maullivaikkal, was marred by the presence of individuals who accused the event of glorifying the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a notorious terrorist organization.

The agitated group, whose intentions were to disrupt the ceremony, clashed with participants and voiced their objections to what they perceived as a glorification of the LTTE. As the situation escalated, the Riot police were dispatched to the scene and the police called upon the group to disperse and vacate the area.

Members of the organizing committee for the commemoration were confronted by the agitators, who sought to disrupt their proceedings. The police intervened and urged both groups to maintain peace and refrain from any further escalation.

It was revealed that the group behind the commemoration event consisted of activists who were previously associated with the 'Aragalaya' movement, such as Fr. Amila Jeewantha Peiris and Sandhya Ekneligoda.