Cold Case Solved After Three decades: Man Arrested for Brutal Murder Committed 33 Years Ago

In a shocking turn of events, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department of the Urubokka Police have apprehended a man suspected of committing a heinous crime three decades ago. The suspect stands accused of killing a person and concealing the body, along with his mistress, in a hidden compartment within the mistress's garden toilet.

The victim of the murder was the husband of the suspect's mistress. 

According to authorities, the arrested suspect, now 69 years old, was 36 at the time of the alleged murder. The arrest took place in Puwakdola, where the suspect currently resides. In a significant development, law enforcement officials have disclosed that the eighty-three-year-old woman, believed to be the mistress involved in the crime, is also expected to be arrested.

A senior police officer from the area revealed to the media that the woman, now paralyzed and reliant on a wheelchair, will face charges related to her involvement in the crime. The case involves the murder of a person named Kapuge Jinadasa, a resident of Annasiwatta area, Dolamulla, who was 51 years old at the time of his death.

Based on the information provided by the elderly woman, the precise location where Jinadasa was killed and buried has been identified. Yesterday (May 15th), excavations at the site led to the discovery of several bone fragments, believed to be parts of Jinadasa's limbs and teeth. Additionally, a T-shirt and a sarong worn by the victim, along with a cloth suspected to have been used to wrap his body, were also recovered during the excavation.

The exhumation of the victim's remains took place in the presence of Morawaka Magistrate Mr. Gihan Basnayake, ensuring legal oversight. The entire process was closely supervised by Dr. Buddhika Leylwala, the Chief Forensic Medical Officer of Matara General Hospital. Dr. Leylwala took custody of the body parts for further examination and testing.

During police interrogations, the arrested suspect divulged that Mr. Jinadasa was mercilessly beaten to death with a kitul stick while he slept in their home during the height of the terror in 1989. The suspect also confessed that he wrapped Jinadasa's body in a window cloth and concealed it in the toilet pit alongside the woman, his alleged mistress. Shockingly, he admitted to doing so in order to continue their illicit affair without interruption.